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The Radix Institute is a nonprofit organization that trains and certifies people to do Radix work. The Institute also provides continuing education and other professional services for Certified Radix Practitioners. As a 501(c)3, donations to the Radix institute are tax deductable.

Members of The Radix Institute are certified teachers and practitioners, licensed by The Radix Institute to practice Radix work according to the Standards and Ethics of The Radix Institute. Often, practitioners are licensed mental health professionals who incorporate Radix work into their psychotherapy.

Associated professionals and “Friends” (contributors) may also be members of The Radix Institute.

The Radix Institute:




For detailed information about  Radix training programs, click here.

Please note: If you receive an email from any of the above address offering a job, asking for money or bank details, please delete it or report it to information@radix.org. We do not send out such emails.

You can go to our Contact Page Here to email us directly.

See also the website devoted to Dr. Kelley’s work:  http://kelley-radix.org/