Radix® is a powerful form of personal development work and body psychotherapy that was originally developed by Dr. Charles Kelley, based upon the work of Wilhelm Reich. It is an approach to personal growth and healing that is:

• holistic ~ based on the principles of mind-body unity

• body-centered ~ working directly with the body through
movement and attention to breath, body sensation and
awareness, energy flow and other non-verbal as well as verbal

• experiential ~ ‘here and now’ engaging in your process

• client centerd – based on the unique needs of each client

The term “radix” -comes from the Latin word meaning “root” or “source,” referring to that force which gives rise to all movement, feeling and growth in a person and in life. It is the life force…chi…prana…that unites body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The Radix Institute is a nonprofit organization that trains and certifies people to do Radix work. The Institute also provides continuing education and other professional services for Certified Radix Practitioners. As a 501(c)3, donations to the Radix institute are tax deductable.

Members of The Radix Institute are certified teachers and practitioners, licensed by The Radix Institute to practice Radix work according to the Standards and Ethics of The Radix Institute. Associated professionals and “Friends” (contributors) may also be members of The Radix Institute.