Radix Training Workshops

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Radix Training Workshops
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Florida, 2/28/18 – 3/4/18
:  9-13 April, 2018
:  11-15 April, 2018
Module 1 is an introduction to the theory and practice of Radix, and it’s historical roots in the work of Wilhelm Reich. Participants will learn practical skills that can be applied to traditional verbal therapy or skills that will complement other somatic trainings. Module 1 provides a good grounding for the other training workshops & is recommended  before attending further modules. It is open to those who work with people to promote personal growth and healing, as well as to those who wish to deepen their own personal growth through a body-centered modality.

Module 2 – Understanding and Engaging with the Vitality of the Body-Mind
Module 3  – Facilitating Presence and Grounding from an Energetic Perspective

Modules 2 and 3 will be offered together: 

United States: June 13-18, 2018
Europe: August 30-September 4, 2018
Australia: June /July TBA

Module 4 – Embodiment for Support, Boundaries, Regulation
Module 5 – Affect:  Experience, Expression and Regulation

Modules 4 and 5 will be offered together:

United States: October 22-27, 2018
Europe: October 31 – November 5, 2018
Australia: October 10-15, 2018

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