Educational Workshops

Radix® Educational Workshops teach the student in an in depth way, about the energetic viewpoint of psychological and physical dynamics (and their interrelationship), the functional identity between mind and body and the role of the body in the psychotherapeutic process.

The curriculum includes the history of the energetic concept, basic bioenergetic principles, reading the body, techniques for mobilizing energy and expressing feelings, and understanding the developmental process in relation to character structure. Teaching methods will be experiential, didactic, and individual study.

The goal of the Radix Educational program is to give students the opportunity to master the fundamentals of Radix® Bodywork as pioneered by Dr. Chuck Kelly and to create their own, unique signature of working the body and working psychology. The excellence of the training is dedicated to the premise of the underlying unity of the mind and body as it reflects our personality and our unconscious and that strong transformation is rooted in working with the body in the psychotherapy process.

Our curriculum includes themes that will be interwoven into each workshop in addition to core topics that students will be guided to study.