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image002LIFE FORCE – Charles R. Kelley

Charles R. Kelley, founded Radix,  and continued to develop the theory, practice and science. Life Force is the culmination of his thought, presented for the lay reader and professional alike.

321 pages; Perfect bound; catalogue #04-0166; ISBN 1-4120-2338-6;
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Radix ReaderThe Radix Reader A Neo-Reichian approach to human growth

Edited by Linda Glenn, Ph.D. and Rudolf Müller-Schwefe, 1999. Heron Press. Published by The Radix Institute.
The Radix Reader is a compilation of writings extending over the history of the Radix movement, and conveys something of the aliveness and creativity of this body-centered approach while, at the same time, setting forth its unique identity and contributions.

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Preface: Rudolf Müller-Schwefe

1. Introduction and History

Narelle McKenzie: Our Eyes
William Thrash: An Introduction to Radix Education
Werner Pitzal: The Radix Approach: A Brief Description
Rudolf Müller-Schwefe: Roots of Radix

2. Basic Concepts

Lillian Davis: Introduction to Basic Concepts
Rudolf Müller-Schwefe: Pulsation
Lillian Davis: Integration
Linda Glenn/Austin Glenn: An Adaptation Model of Ego

3. Character and the Way of Working

Joel Isaacs: Anger Blocked by Fear
Will Davis: An Introduction to Instroke
Stephen Atkinson: The Journey from Symbiosis to Differentiation

4. Development and Radix Work

Mark Ludwig: Swimming in a Human Sea
Werner Pitzal: Contact and Relationship

5. Clinical Issues

Mary Ann Kilmartin: Verbal Work in Radix Education
Pam Morgan: Radix Education and Codependency
Wendy Yellen: Radix Techniques in Verbal Work with Incest Survivors
Babette Rothschild: Shock Primer for the Radix Teacher

6. Language and Passion of the Practitioner

Andrea Pitzal: Love and Relationships
Rudolf Müller-Shwefe Radix Glossary
/Lillian Davis
/Werner Pitzal
/Nelly Pasque
/Micha Krenz
/Deborah Motley

7. Bibliography

7.1. Bibliography
7.2. Authors


LivingFullyCoverEngaging with the Intensity of Life – Living Fully

An Introduction to Radix Body Centered Personal Growth Work by Narelle McKenzie & Jacqui Showell.

“The Radix Process teaches each person a deep respect for their being”

This booklet is for:

People doing Radix work or considering starting Radix work, who want a conceptual understanding of the approach,…Anyone wanting to refer clients to Radix,….Those who are simply curious about Radix work and what it involves.

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The Aims of Radix Work

Assumptions about Healing
About some Terms Used

What is Radix? Key Concepts of Radix

The History of Radix
The Radix
Pulsation of the Radix
Body Segments
Centering and Grounding

How is Radix done? Therapeutic Tools

The Role of the Therapist
Verbal Work
The Breath

Why do Radix? Benefits and Perspectives of Radix

Radix and Emotions
Trauma and Abuse
Physical Health
Self Esteem
Sexual Issues
Radix and Relationships
Radix, Spirituality and the Purpose of Life

How can you do Radix work?

Training undertaken by Radix Practitioners