About The Radix Institute

The Radix Institute, founded in 1963, is a nonprofit organization that trains and certifies people to do Radix work. The training program is 26-month in length, and is the equivalent of a postgraduate level course.  There are three foci of the training:  The study and application of theoretical and practical concepts underlying Radix body psychotherapy;  a structured practice supervised by a Radix trainer; and ongoing experiential personal work with an experienced Radix practitioner. Assessments of trainees’ practice skills and exams on didactic knowledge are held throughout. There are eight required residential training workshops over the course of the two year training, and the rest of the course can be conducted as distance education.  Trainees establish a clinical practice group in their locale.
Radix training is open to professionals and non-professionals alike. The central criterion for success in the program is that the trainee is committed to their personal growth and development and become able to do the work well at a professional level.  Radix training can be a powerful adjunct for existing verbal and body work practices or can be the basis of a professional practice in its own right.
For further information contact the Director of Training at Training@Radix.org

The Radix Institute is an organization with a worldwide membership of Certified Practitioners.  This organization helps members stay current in their knowledge of Radix work by offering a conferences and publications, and other forms of education.  The Radix Institute is managed by a Circle of Management that also attends to the operations, finances and legal matters of the Institute, Standards and Ethics for its members, and development of the training curriculum.