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Pulsation and the Creation of Life


 A Review of the Science of the Life Force
By Ellen Costantino



From a Live Presentation…

I am grateful to be here today with Radix colleagues. Preparing for this conference has been a blessing to me in several ways. Reviewing Reich and Kelley I experienced anew my deep love of and fascination with their science work. Revisiting trauma at deeper levels helped me see more clearly how Radix work did help me and where it did not in my own journey. Today I return 13 years after certfifying as a Radix teacher, hoping the fruits of my learning will be of value to you personally and professionally.

My first two years of Radix work in 1984-6 transformed my emotional experience of living, and seven years later led me to leave a 25 year career as a Medical Technologist and become a Radix Teacher. During the training I completed Dr. Kelley’s “Science and the Life Force Course” and read all of Reich’s scientific publications. From those experiences my understanding of the Life process changed radically. As a professional Microbiologist with years of clinical and research experience, I believed that spontaneous generation of Life was an “antiquated theory” that modern biology had entirely disproven. But in 1995 I took a Biophysics course with the American College of Orgonomy and clearly saw the process of biogenesis Reich described in his Cancer Biopathy and Bion experiments! I was hooked and had to KNOW all about this process for myself. I left professional Lab work a year later and set up my own lab for the purpose of duplicating Reich’s experiments on the propagation of living cells from non-living sources. It took three years to satisfy myself that the creative process does indeed function as Reich described.

My intention in sharing this information is three fold; first to clarify the concepts of the physical characteristicis of radix, second to enhance Radix body work, and third to encourage the study of radix science. To those ends I will list and explain the known physical characteristics of radix, review the experiments that demonstrate the reality of the radix, and offer practical applications of the principles that could improve your teaching. As you read, please observe your own areas of resistance and how you might soften them.

Historical Background
Radix has been discovered many times throughout history and named such things as Prana, Chi, Ether, Animal Magnetism, Elan Vital, Libido. etc. Reich called it Orgone and defined it as a new form of energy. Kelley called it radix and redefined it as a force precursor to energy. In this paper I use the terms radix, orgone, and life force interchangeably to represent a primary FORCE which resides in another dimension and manifests in this dimension as matter and energy when it enters the physical world. It is important to realize that we are only beginning to scratch the surface in our understanding of this force and must not to jump to conclusions in our studies of it. Since many therapies today confuse the terms force and energy, I will use the following definitions.

Energy = “the capacity of a system to do physical work: the property that diminishes when the system does work on any other system by an amount equal to the work so done”. Solar, electric, and nuclear are examples of energy, something that can run a motor.

Force = “ The potential to do work or an influence that produces a change in motion, shape, or other effects/-the intensity of such an influence.” Gravity and magnetism are examples of forces that could do work. 

Although many have studied radix, Reich studied it more deeply and broadly than most. His original inquiries led him into seven distinct scientific disciplines over the course of his lifetime. Beginning as Freud’s student in Psychiatry, he was a licensed and practicing Medical doctor. His studies of somatic defenses led him into the realm of bio-electricity where he pursued the origin of the orgasm reflex. From there he moved into the study of Biology and conducted work on the origin of cancer and spontaneous generation of life at the cellular level. The biology work led him into a study of Physics where he discovered and developed various devices to direct radix flow and concentrations.The physics work led naturally into Meteorology when he found he could influence weather with larger devices like the cloud buster, and from there his work moved into Astronomy with the advent of his theory of superimposition and models for cosmic engineering. Just prior to his death he was reportedly working on a device to translate radix force into direct motive force in the form of a “free energy” motor, but his papers were never found after his death.

Reich was obviously a bold thinker and highly intelligent man, but his real genius was in his remarkable abilities as an observer of facts and functions. He was patient, open, and objective in his observations and accurate in his methods of inquiry. He had no agenda in his experiments and avoided theorizing, preferring to watch and let the results of an experiment impress themselves upon him until the process he was seeing was clear to him. This often took many attempts and observations, as well as a willingness to trust the process, even when he did not yet know what it was. He did not panic in the face of apparently opposite results. Rather, he would continue to observe related processes, watching for the common functioning principle that he knew was always part of a unified whole in nature. Over a 40 year period of well controlled research in 7 major disciplines, he found the same “red thread”, the creative process, in each one!

The phenomena we call Radix
Radix process underlies 3 important classes of phenomena; consciousness, the life processes, and cosmic processes. This radix “root” is the source of physical, psychological, and spiritual functions, and it operates via pulsation, charge, and discharge. Such apparently varied experiences as sexuality, weather patterns, spirituality, character development, evolution and perception all operate using the same equation; pulsation, charge, and discharge. Radix is functionally related to other forces we know, such as gravity and magnetism. It is also functionally related to energies such as electric, solar, and nuclear. Radix is the substrate for both matter and energy as its force is translated via the creative process into the physical world. Kelley also suggests that radix is the substrate of spirituality since it is the substrate for creation and its discharge creates greater consciousness. As we become more conscious we learn to influence physicality through thought, feeling, and will.

There are enormous amounts of research yet to be conducted from the platform of these ideas and principles, yet relatively little is currently being done because of the fear and skepticism associated with thinking outside of the social/scientific norm. In the years to come there may be a tendency to make up for “lost” time doing Reichian research, but our highest guiding principle should be as it was for Reich and Kelley, to continue observing and inquiring until the answers impress themselves upon us clearly, rather than rushing to theories and conclusions we imagine. It is significant that in 40 years of focused research Reich named only 10 characteristics of the Life force, and in 20 years further study, Kelley named only two more. It is also significant that Reich and Kelley differed on the question of energy versus force. That same argument continues today among researchers of the Life Force. As we review these 12 characteristics, observe your own thinking and resistance patterns based on your scientific education. Those of us who know the most “modern science” may have the most to unlearn!

Characteristics of Radix
#1. Radix is a mass free, pre-physical.force. It has no weight or inertia, which makes it difficult to measure directly because most instruments measure changes in states of mass. Forces (like gravity and magnetism) lack a mass attribute and are therefore often measured indirectly by the influence they exert on mass or energy. Chuck believed the radix gradient which always flows from low to high IS the basis of gravity! Early work with concentrating radix suggests that the mass of an object may actually depend on the density of the life force in the area in which the matter exists. So two rocks of the same size and composition might weigh different amounts weighed in different concentrations of radix.

#2. Radix is omnipresent. It fills all space, even in a vacuum. It penetrates everything, albeit at differing rates and in varying concentrations. Some parts of the universe are dense with it and other areas are relatively sparse, but it is always present in some concentration. Radix charge is everywhere and by definition it exists as un-discharged.

#3. Radix is the primary substrate for both matter and energy in the physical world. We do not see radix directly. We see the effects of mated streams and concentration changes via discharge. It is cause of and carrier for all energetic processes, which is why it interacts directly or indirectly with all other known forces and energies. Radix extends itself, transmits light, sustains EMF’s, and creates gravity and other inertial forces.

#4. Radix is in constant motion. It moves as a wave and pulsates in three dimensional systems. The 2 dimensional wave form is continuous and flows, while the 3 dimensional units pulsate around a center, acting more like a particle. Radix travels as a wave, but pulsation is required to build charge and achieve discharge in a system.

#5. Radix flows from Low concentration to High. It is enthalpic rather than entropic, so as it concentrates in an area it imparts greater degrees of order to the environment. This is the creative process in which units of lower organization spontaneously align, becoming more organized units to form increasingly complex forms. Integration, the opposite of disintegration, is the process that keeps the Universe in balance. Contrary to popular theories based on Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics, our Universe is NOT in a constant state of energy decline and increasing chaos. The Universe pulsates eternally and the Big Bang was just one outstroke. The creative process exactly balances the disintegrative process in a pulsating dance of birth and death.

#6. Radix tends to form bounded units with centers of pulsation. Both living and non-living units (microbes and water droplets) show pulsation, charge and discharge activity within defined limits of capacity determined by their size and boundary strength. Cells, storms and animals all follow the pattern of birth by charge, growth and maturity by pulsation, and death by discharge. Black holes may be the cosmic route by which radix returns to its dimension of origin.

#7. Radix is responsible for Life. A chain reaction of the creative process involving bions from organic compounds yields complex living units. Small units are attracted to larger units, becoming more complex and energetic until they attain capacity for self replication. At death, living units decay and release radix back into the environment in discrete packets called bions. Under proper conditions, bions can reassemble into living forms.

#8. Radix flows in streams that tend attract each other and superimpose. When two passing streams of force are attracted, they begin a spiraling downward path that culminates in complete merger called superimposition. Radix charge from one source mates with another, superimposes, and discharges, creating both matter/energy and consciousness. Chuck suggests that once created, matter itself is sustained by radix.

#9. At the point of superimposition, merged radix streams create energy and mass as matter. The process is the same on a small scale watching the tiny radix twinkles of superimposition in our atmosphere as it is on a large scale watching giant streams in deep space superimpose to creat swirling new galaxies of light and matter. It is likely that atmospheric superimposition yields an atom of hydrogen, which is the precursor from which all other atoms form by aquiring higher energy states over time. It is hydrogen that fuels the stars and their thermonuclear centers which then create the heavier elements found in the galaxies.

#10. Radix can be controlled and directed by devices. Metals tend to slow down and reflect radix and organic compounds tend to attract and speed it up. By layering materials correctly we can draw radix, accumulate it, and direct its flow in a given space. Since radix is everywhere and always moving, our control is always relative to other radix flows and concentrations in the immediate area.

#11. (Kelley) Once created, radix units can use stored physical energy from their environment. Living and non-living units can continue pulsation post creation by using energy stored in the physical world, such as solar energy in plants, food energy in cell metabolism, and water evaporation and kinetic energy in storm clouds.

#12. (Kelley) The creation of life requires direct contact with radix from space. Life can not arise spontaneously in systems shielded from contact with radix or in areas of very low concentration. To establish pulsation, preliving units must have direct contact with concentrated radix. Once charged and pulsating, they can move about and merge with larger systems to create more complicated forms. ( The same is true of non-living units such as storms and chemical compounds)

The Science of the Life Force

As a licensed Radix Practitioner and as a research Microbiologist/Medical Technologist, I have a deep interest in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the Life Force. Like Reich, I see the Life Force as the substrate from which all of these energetic phenomena spring. This paper endeavors to show the reader how the Life Force is the “red thread” of coherence as the creative process in Nature, for both living and non-living systems. This paper explains the history of the Life Force, characteristics of the Life Force, experiments that demonstrate the Life Force, devices that affect the Life Force, and practical teaching applications using the Life Force to release emotional blocks in the body. The last portion of the paper shares modern concepts regarding the human brain in relation to trauma and fear responses. Craniosacral therapy is discussed as a safe, effective way to work with the Life Force in releasing trauma, discharging blocked emotion, and normalizing brain function at multiple levels of experience

– Ellen Costantino

“ Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter most to us!”
   – Martin Luther King 

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