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The Works of Dr. Charles Kelley
Bibliography of Charles R. Kelley Ph.D.

Bibliography of Charles R. Kelley Ph.D.


Written monographs, articles, journals and newsletters relating to the concepts and practice of Radix Education and Radix Science, exclusive of training materials. All were published by K/R Publications, Vancouver WA unless otherwise stated. Some are downloadable and some can be purchased in hard copy. Please check here for available free downloads and for hard copies for sale (to come).




LIFE FORCE: The Creative Process in Man and in Nature, Trafford Publishers, Victoria BC, Canada, 2004


Religion, Education, and Government, 2000


Chuck Kelley and Radix Neo-Reichian Bodywork, transcription of an interview by Sandy Shore of Somatics Coalition, Portland OR, 1998


Liberty, Liberalism, and Libertarianism, 1998


The Right and Wrong of Fairness, 1997


The Convergence of Science and Religion, 1996


The Birth of Autonomy, 1995


NOW I REMEMBER: Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse, With Eric C. Kelley, 1994


THE RADIX – VOL. I: Radix Personal Growth Work and VOL. II: The Science of Radix Processes, (a compilation) 1992
First published in Spanish as one volume: RADIX: Educacion Y Procesos, by Fundacion de Psicologia Columbiana y Ciencias Afines.


Sex and Religion, 1992


Personal Growth and Psychotherapy in Radix Work, 1991 and 2 related articles: Radix Teaching Profession and the Law, and Radix as an Adjunct to the Practice of Psychotherapy


Religion and Personal Growth, 1991


Judaism and Personal Growth, with Reader Commentaries and Author Replies, 1990.


Chuck Kelley’s Radix Newsletters, 1988-93 and 1998 (contents at end of bibliography)


Body Contact in Radix Work, 1988


About Reich and Radix: A Memoir (Parts 1 and 2), 1982


What Is the Matter with Man? The Origin of the Muscular Armor, 1980


Radix as an Adjunct to the Treatment of Cancer, 1980


The Conflict of Feeling and Purpose, 1980


Chuck Kelley’s Radix Journal, 1978-83
(contents at end of bibliography)


Radix-Gefuhlserziehung. DIE NEUEN KORPERTHERAPIEN (Ed. Petzold). Paderborn: Junfermann-Verlag, 1977


Reich, Radix, and the Enhancement of Sexuality, 1977




OPENING THE FEELINGS: THE FUNCTIONAL APPROACH. (The “Red Book.”), 1975 (Out of print; much of its contents appear in THE RADIX, 1992.)


EDUCATION IN FEELING AND PURPOSE (2nd edition 1974; 1st edition 1970)


ORGONOMY, BIOENERGETICS AND RADIX: THE REICHIAN MOVEMENT TODAY, 1974 (Out of print; much of its contents appear in THE RADIX, 1992.)


“The New Education,” in Reason, July, 1973 (Out of print)




Also in Energy and Character, September 1971, January 1972, and in Boadella, D., IN THE WAKE OF REICH




The Danger to American Freedom, (including Research Proposal), 1968 (Out of print)


MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC CONTROL. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1968 (Out of print)


Life and Death of Wilhelm Reich, The. 1962


What Is Orgone Energy? with an introduction by the author 1999, 1962


A NEW METHOD OF WEATHER CONTROL, 1961 including  Appendices:


A. The Ending of Wilhelm Reich’s Researches


B. Orgone Energy and Weather


Also in German: EINE NEUE METHODE DER WETTERKONTROLLE, Plejaden Publishers, Berlin, 1985.


The Creative Process, (C.R. Kelley, Editor), 1960-65


(contents at end of bibliography)


The Ending of Wilhelm Reich’s Researches, 1960
[also an Appendix to A New Method of Weather Control, above]


PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS IN MYOPIA. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation. New School for Social Research, New York, 1958


Also: “Psychological Factors in Myopia.” Journal of American Optometric Association, Vol. 33, No. 11, 1962. (A summary of the dissertation)


“Orgone Energy and Weather”, In CORE, No.7, 1955 [also an Appendix to A New Method of Weather Control, above]


“Causality and Freedom: A Functional Analysis”, Orgone Energy Bulletin, Vol. IV, No. 1, New York: Orgone Institute Press. 1952


(Reprinted in The Creative Process, Vol II, No. 4, December, 1962.)


Chuck Kelley’s RADIX JOURNAL Volumes I through III, 1978-83


Several topics were reprinted in THE RADIX compilation of 1992 and also appear in revised form in the 2004 book LIFE FORCE.


Abbreviated Contents
Every issue also contained a “Chuck Kelley Letter,” Comments from Readers, Calendar, List of Teachers and Publications List


Volume III No. 2, Summer: 1983

“About Reich and Radix: A Memoir, Part 3, Radix Purpose Work”

“The Sharaf Biography of Reich”

“Radix Devices”

“Introduction to Reich’s Appeal Brief”

“Brief for Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Volume III, No. 1, Winter/Spring: 1982

“About Reich and Radix: A Memoir,” Parts 1 & 2;

“Diet, Exercise and Radix”

“On Contemporary Psychology: Replies to a Questionnaire”

Volume II, Nos. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer: 1980

“The Conflict of Feeling and Purpose” (includes material from “Education in Feeling and Purpose” 1970 and 1974)

“Meditations of a Pain Blocker part 1”

“Radix Physics: Space, Time and the Derivative Shift”

“Questions and Answers on the Educational System”

Volume II, Nos. 1 & 2, Fall 1979/Winter: 1980

“What is the Matter with Man? The Origin of Muscular Armor”

“The Radix Algebra of the Feelings”

“Radix Physics: Radix Processes, Radix Systems and the Problem of Measurement”

“Radix as an Adjunct to the Treatment of Cancer”

Volume I, No. 4, Summer: 1979

“Radix Algebra”

“The Radix Charge Of Living Places”

“Character and Radix Functions”

“The Orgone Accumulator Paradox”

Volume I, No. 3, Spring: 1979

“Learning to Understand the Radix, 2) Personal Experience”

“Freeing Blocked Anger”

“Radix as an Un-cult”

“Freedom and Control of Radix Teaching”

“Radix Research in Yugoslavia”

“On Mysticism and Mechanism”

Volume I, No. 2, Winter: 1979

“Learning to Understand the Radix, 1)Pulsation, Charge and Discharge”

“The Inverted Pyramid”

“On Getting Older”

Volume I, No. 1, Fall: 1978

“Basic Concepts in Radix Feeling Work”

“The Radix Process and the Radix Substratum”

“An Intimacy Problem of Mine”

“Radix Work Across Time”

“A Demonstration Intensive”

“Working Eyes Open”

“The Weatherman’s Lament”

The Creative Process, (Kelley, C.R. Editor), a compilation of Volumes I through V, 1961-1965 with an introduction to the 1974 re-printing.

Volume V, July 1965:

“Orgonomy Since the Death of Reich” (entire volume)

Volume IV No. 2, June 1965:

Editorial, Notes and Comments

Articles by Marc Shapiro, Lawrence Barth, Kenneth Starz & Karl von Reichenbach

Volume IV No. 1, September 1964:

Editorial, Notes and Comments

Articles on orgonomy and art by Adam Margoshes, Marc Shapiro, Lawrence Barth and Alexander Lowen.

Volume III No. 2, March 1964:

Notes and Comments

Articles by Meredith Mitchell, Kenneth Starz, Roger Wescott, Lawrence Barth

Volume III No. 1, August, 1963:

Notes and Comments

“Life and Death of Wilhelm Reich”

Articles by Kenneth Starz, Roger Wescott and a tribute to Dr. Oscar Tropp by Lawrence Barth

Volume II, No. 4, December 1962:

Notes and Comment

”Causality and Freedom: A Functional Analysis”

”Evaluation of the Reich Cloud-Dissipation Apparatus: A Proposal”

Articles by Kenneth Starz and Lawrence Barth

Volume II, Nos. 2 & 3, September 1962:

News and Comment

”What is Orgone Energy?”

”The Effects of Dor”

”Experiments with Orgone; (Paul Ritter Ed.) A Review”

Articles by Adam Margoshes, Roger Wescott, and Barbara Kelley

Volume II No. 1, April 1962:

Editorial: On Mysticism;  News and Comment.

Articles by Jerome Eden, Paul and Jean Ritter, Mark Gallert, Adam Margoshes and several contributors commenting on “The Origin of Armoring”

Volume I, No. 2, November 1961:

News and Comment

”Reich’s Last Years”

”William H Bates, Vision Pioneer”

”The Origin of Armoring”

”Summerhill: The Book and the Society”

”Project Weather Control”

Articles by Adam Margoshes, Jerome Eden, Lawrence Barth.

Volume I, No. 1, June 1961:

News and Comments

”Review of WILHELM REICH, A Memorial”

”Project Weather Control”

”Note on Atmospheric Pressure and Orgonotic Charge”

”Review of Orgonomic Functionalism”

”Review of THE FREE FAMILY by Paul and Jean Ritter”

”Member Research” and “Apparatus for Member Research”

”In Memoriam: Dr. William F. Thorburn”

Review of Reich’s SELECTED WRITINGS by Adam Margoshes

Chuck Kelley’s RADIX NEWSLETTERS 1-16, 1988-1993 and 1998

Usually 8 pages of short items, often with brochures, monographs or articles enclosed

#1, August 1988:

CRK Writings

Kelley/Radix Offerings

Things Reichian (ORAC, DeMeo, trip to Orgonon)

#2, January 1989:

Reich’s Orgonon Revisited

Sexuality Enhances

Radix Training & Science Course

#3, August 1989:

Radix Ojai Sold

Science and the Life Force Course

Relation of Feeling and Purpose

Radix and Cancer

Radix and Psychotherapy & Personal Growth

#4, February 1990:

Weather Research


1990 activities (experiential, training, & scientific)

Move to WA State

#5, May 1990:

Judaism, Radix and Personal Growth

Israel Trip with Bar-Levav Group

Cloudbusting, ORAC

Personal in Vancouver, WA

#6, September 1990:

Radix Weather Modification vs. Personal Growth

Responses to Judaism….

Sheldrake and Morphic Resonance

K/R courses, offerings

#7, February 1991:

A Vision Case History

Follow-up to Judaism…

German Weather Control book

2 pieces re cloudbusting (feuding & drouth)

#8, Spring 1991:

Religion, Personal Growth and Life Force

Personal Growth & Psychotherapy in Radix

K/R Training, inc. Concepts & Principles, & Workshops

#9, Fall 1991:


Weather Control & DeMeo-Carlinsky

Religion & Personal Growth

Summer Workshops

A Purpose Exercise (B-L “lifeboat” in space)

Audacity of Education in Purpose

#10, Winter 1992:

Homosexuality continued

Essence of Radix I: K/R Theory of Human Nature

Abortion and other rights

#11, Spring 1992:

Marathons – 2 pieces

Essence of Radix II

Purpose in Action: Competence

Sex – 2 pieces

Example Intensive by Ellen Costantino

Summer Workshops

#12, Fall 1992:

Summer Workshops retrospective

Sex – 3 pieces

The Rift in Radix

K/R Assoc organizational meeting

#13, Winter 1993:

Recovery of Repressed Memories part 1

3 Metaphysical Articles on the Individual and the Universal – by Chuck, John Rierson & Eric Kelley

#14, Spring 1992:

THE RADIX Compilations

Reader Response to “memories” part 1

Recovery of Repressed Memories part 2

#15, Fall 1993:

Reader Response to “memories” part 2

Recovery of Repressed Memories part 3 (conclusion of article)

Meeting Reich

#16, Summer 1998:

About the new book (LIFE FORCE)

Reich’s Centennial

Body-Oriented Psychology

Myron Sharaf tribute

Kelley Publications on Religion

Radix Work with Psychotherapy Clients and with the Public

Chuck’s Dream!

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