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The training is dedicated to excellence with the premise of the underlying unity of the mind and body as it reflects our personality and our unconscious, and that strong healing and transformation is rooted in working with the body.

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If you are interested in receiving more information about training in the Radix approach to personal growth,  please send an email to the Director of Training.
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Testing and Standards
Since trainees are not graded in their work, their progress is reviewed periodically. The trainee may be examined orally and/or in writing at review periods. The adequacy of the trainee’s self-understanding and of her/his understanding of the technical material is then assessed. Each student must qualify by examination in each major technical area covered in the course.
Trainees may be asked to do additional work, or, in exceptional cases, be excused from that which is clearly unnecessary.
Certificates will only be given to trainees who have demonstrated their ability to understand and to do the work well, even if all other requirements have been met. The periodic reviews inform a trainee of his problem areas and progress toward the Certificate.

Contact Director of Training Narelle McKenzie for details:  310-570-2439 or email her at training@radix.org. Be sure to ask about  opportunities for training if you are a therapist in the mental health professions.

Training News & Events

New Forest, England

Sponsored by The Radix Institute, a special 5-day Residential Experiential Worshop, November 6-11, 2020, at the Avon Tyrrell Youth Center in the New Forest, Southern England.  For more information and to register, email information@radix.org.

New Forest, England

Radix Experiential Workshops in 2020: May 29-June 31,  July 10-12, October 23-25, December 4-6. Facilitated by Michael Gavin and Michael Randolph.

For more information and to register, go to https://londonradix.com/

Québec, Canada

Hélène Harvey conducts regular workshops (en francais) in Québec. For complete information and registration please email Hélène or call 418-802-9355.


Miami, Florida

Ellen Brazer, LMHC, conducts day-long Saturday workshops every other month in North Miami.

Coming up: “Weeding The Garden Of Your Mind”    January 25, 2020, 9 AM – 6:30 PM

Call or email Ellen Brazer for more information. ellen@choose2evolve.com
(305) 947-9211

Programs Outlined
Training Certification Program

The Radix Institute offers in-depth training for those who wish to help people heal and change personally, emotionally and spiritually. This program is designed for any individual who wishes to learn the theory, skills and the “art” of body-centered therapy. Radix Training is particularly appropriate for mental and physical health workers who wish to deepen the work that they do with their clients, and facilitate long-term personality change.

Contact Director of Training Narelle McKenzie for details:  310-570-2439 or email her at training@radix.org. Be sure to ask about  opportunities for training if you are a therapist in the mental health professions. 

Building a Successful Practice
At the Radix Institute we teach from the very beginning how to talk about Radix/Somatic Work and how to talk to potential clients. You will be given opportunities throughout your training to confer with your teachers to find out first hand the best practices for building and maintaining a viable practice. By building trust and their response to your ongoing work you will encourage them to recommend you to friends, family and associates.
Trainer Directory
Explore Our Practioner Directory Here. Find a Practioner near you who is also designated a “Trainer”

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The Radix Institute has been training professionals in neo-Reichian theories and techniques since the early seventies — and its training programs have been designed to give trainees the most comprehensive professional education possible in the neo-Reichian approach.

The Radix Approach to healing and change is both a powerful growth program in its own right, or a powerful adjunct to the practice of psychotherapy and to other body-oriented disciplines.  Radix neo-Reichian techniques can enhance verbal psychotherapy, whether individual or group, as well as such body-oriented disciplines as Rolfing, Alexander, and Feldenkrais.  Thus psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family counselors, dance therapists, holistic health practitioners, chiropractors and massage therapists have all found training in Radix of great value to themselves and their clients.

Training in the Radix approach is offered both as Professional Growth / Continuing Education, and as a complete training program designed to certify people as Radix Practitioners. The modular system allows an individual to enter the certification program either prior to Level one or after taking several training workshops.

• Professional Growth / Continuing Education:   Modules in Level 1 and level 2 may be taken a la carte and in any order. Modules in Level 3 are also available with the prerequisites listed below.  Certificates of Attendance will be given at the end of each module. There are no requirements regarding personal work, supervision, or establishing a practice group. If taken in the USA, CE credits are granted for most Modules.  See Educational Workshops.

• Certification as a Radix Practitioner:  Attending training modules can also lead to certification as a Radix practitioner, with additional requirements. The modular system allows an individual to enter the training program at any time during The first three levels.  When someone enters the certification program they will work with the Director of Training or another Trainer to develop a process tailored to the individual trainee’s experience and circumstances. Participants in the certification program take all the modules in Levels 3 and 4, undertake personal work with a Radix therapist, audit Radix workshops and work with their own practice group under supervision. Additional requirements are listed below.
Continuing Education credits are offered for most of the modules for mental health professionals.
See  Radix Training Certification Program.

Fundamental beliefs in Radix are that the client’s process of self-discovery is primary, clients have the resources to heal themselves, and each individual is on a unique journey.  There is no dichotomy between body and mind. Hence, freeing the flow of the life force facilitates clear thinking, feeling, willing and the inherent resolution of problems. When engaged in a Radix session, the client and the Radix practitioner are equal partners in this process.

In Radix theory and practice, it is also assumed that touch is fundamental for healing and growth and throughout the Radix training course, trainees are educated thoroughly in the appropriate use of therapeutic touch.

If you are interested in receiving more information about training in the Radix approach to personal growth,  please send an email to the Director of Training.

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founder – Dr. charles Kelley

” Radix work uses a rich diversity of verbal and nonverbal techniques based upon the needs of each client. Physical exercises, breath work, body awareness, energetic practices, other nonverbal and verbal techniques are combined”
Dr. Charles Kelley



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What Student/Trainees are Saying

“The highlight for me was the application of
the theory into the real action by exercising it
in the training day (PD). Very insightful and
without doubt beneficial.”

– Susan R.

“This is excellent training. Narelle is an excellent presenter.  I feel excited by what I’ve learned and I intend on exploring this area to increase my skills. Very exciting, informative
seminar. Experiential is the best.”

– John M.

“I find the PD’s very informative and
educational for me as a beginner in this field.”

Sandra L.


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