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You can contact us in the message section above or email us directly at the address below:

Radix General Inquiries:
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Training Program Inquiries:
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or call 310-570-2439

Contact Australian Radix BodyPsychotherapy Association:

Radix Australia
Narelle McKenzie
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +614 08 809 357



Radix Institute

Radix is practiced internationally, with practitioners in Europe,
Canada, US and Australia.

In the United States:
The Radix Institute certifies practitioners.

In Australia:
ARBPA certifies practitioners.

NOTICE: There are no Employment Opportunities at this Time.

Please Beware that there is a Phishing Scam Letter from a third party being emailed, pretending to be an agent of the Radix Institute and offering employment opportunities. Please Ignore the Spam Letter or Report it to Your eMail Provider. 


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