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The Professional Life of Charles R. Kelley

CHARLES R. (CHUCK) KELLEY, PH.D. was a philosopher of science, an explorer and engineer of the life force, and an applied experimental psychologist.  He was a student of Wilhelm Reich, and after Reich’s death in 1957 he published THE CREATIVE PROCESS, America’s only scientific periodical devoted to furthering Reich’s work at that time. By the late sixties he developed his own system of Radix® Education in Feeling and Purpose, and he and his wife Erica ran a retreat center in California until 1987, offering residential programs and training professionals from around the world.

Apart from his reputation in the personal growth field, Kelley served as a professor and scholar on the faculties of universities including North Carolina State University, New York University and the University of Illinois, and was Chief Scientist with a firm of human factors engineers, during which time John Wiley & Sons published his MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC CONTROL (1968, out of print). As a Visiting Scientist in Europe under sponsorship of the NATO Division of Scientific Affairs, he addressed topics such as “Man and Technology” and “Mechanism and Mysticism” to audiences in England, France, Italy and Germany. He was made a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, and the Masters and Johnson Institute. He was elected a Diplomate in Sexual Research, Certified by the American Board of Sexology, and a member of numerous body/mind organizations.

A former weather forecaster, he published A NEW METHOD OF WEATHER CONTROL in 1961 describing his experiments with a device built by Reich to influence the weather. Other writings about Reich, Radix and the life force have appeared across the years in The Orgone Energy Bulletin, The Creative Process, The American Psychologist, Energy and Character, The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Pilgrimage, and The Radix Journal, and in numerous books and monographs which are gradually becoming available on-line.

Kelley retired as Director of the Radix Institute in 1987 but continued to apply himself to the study of the life force, especially as it influenced human behavior through the muscular armor. He published his last book, LIFE FORCE: The Creative Process in Man and in Nature in December 2004, and taught Radix sessions until the day of his death on April 30th, 2005.


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