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Thank you for your Support and Generosity

With deep gratitude we would like to acknowledge the donors who made this integrated site possible.  Without their good will and supportive dollars, it could not have been done.

Major Donors:

The Kelley Family Foundation and its representative, Eric Kelley, who were looking for
an honorable place to house the volumes of their parents’ work.

Ellen and Bill Costantino, who have been loving supporters of Radix work,
and especially, Radix Science.

Aneesha Dillon, who, after Radix training, further studied Osho Pulsation and carried pulsation and segmental concepts to many in workshops throughout the world.


Joyce Piecuch, a staunch Radix supporter for many decades.

Ronald Hook, a friend whose inspiration helped make this happen.

To all our donors: Words cannot say how much we appreciate your kindness and generosity.

A Special Thank you and acknowledgement to the Radix Institute and its Board Members for sharing and becoming a part of this vision to integrate the complete contributions of our founders, Chuck R. Kelley PH.D and Erica Kelley, to the development of Radix theory, science and practice. 

      Neuroscientists conclude that work with the body is essential.  It is, thus, reasonable to expect that the
call for bodywork will increase over time. In that light, the preservation of training, concepts and our legacy library is essential.  It is the responsible thing to do.  As we move forward with this project of maintaining the
Radix site and materials into the future, we will be accepting donations of any size, and from anyone who wishes to support this effort.

This Academic/Educational 501(c)(3) Website has been Funded with very generous donations from the Kelley Family Foundation as well others in the Radix® Community.  A special thank you to Eric Kelley and his determination to see this through and a commitment of funds to make this project a reality.

NOTICE: There are no Employment Opportunities at this Time.

Please Beware that there is a Phishing Scam Letter from a third party being emailed, pretending to be an agent of the Radix Institute and offering employment opportunities. Please Ignore the Spam Letter or Report it to Your eMail Provider. 


Be Assured:  It is Safe to Explore Our Website.

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