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Introduction to Radix

The RADIX INSTITUTE offers a well-grounded training program that is based in Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s principles of bodywork, and further enhanced by eyework developed by Dr. Charles Kelley from the Bates Method of vision improvement. Radix Theory and Training is a relational approach to therapy, current with the sciences of Neurobiology, Attachment Theory and Human Development.

Dr. Kelley chose the word “radix” from the Latin work meaning “root” or “source,” referring to that force which underlies all movement, feeling and growth in a person and in life.  The goals of Radix work are to help people become more fully alive and more authentic. Radix work is applied uniquely with different clients according to their individual needs, and yet common themes underlie the work such as mind/body integration, grounding, centering, creating effective and flexible boundaries, developing the ability to express or contain feelings, ego strengthening, pulsation in the body and in life, intimacy, pleasure, choice, and awareness.

There are a variety of methods used within the work to address these themes, including movement, visualization and intentional touch. Yet a trained practitioner can effect change and growth during a verbal interchange when his or her interventions are guided by an understanding of the radix process in the individual.

The Radix Institute is a nonprofit organization that educates, trains and certifies people in the Radix approach.

The Institute also provides continuing education and other professional services for Certified Radix Practitioners. The Institute is managed by a Circle of Management which is a democratically organized governing structure. The Radix Institute is nurtured by a vigorous, warm, diversified, and ever-creative community of gifted trainers and practitioners.

Radix work is practiced internationally. The Radix Institute certifies practitioners, and practitioner members of The Radix Institute stay current with developments in training and agree to adhere to the Ethics Code of The Radix Institute. There is also a training center in Australia, and many practitioners in Europe.




Pioneers of Neo-Reichian Bodywork

– John Pierrakos, MD

“ Within the core of man lie literally limitless creative potentials to change his life, his circumstances, his own limitations of self-expression. To reach this core, is not a simple matter. But once the resistance to finding this power of self-creation is faced and worked through, new freedoms open up in the living center of man.”

“Throughout my twenty years of psychiatric practice, I have come to the conclusion that the old format of doctor-patient relationship is no longer sufficient to fill the needs of an emerging new consciousness in man. My own personal development had led me on a pathway that has enabled me to resolve deep-seated problems that could here-to-fore not dissolve.”

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