Key Concepts

Pulsation: The Flow of the Radix or Life Force
The flow of the radix is the basis for all other Radix concepts. The Radix practitioner is always observing and working with this energetic flow. In particular its instroke or gathering in and its outstroke or moving out from the center. The gathering in of the radix to the center enables a sense of self contact or being centered. Grounding is the movement of this energy out to the legs, arms and eyes. This enhances contact with reality, the ability to stand firmly in oneself and to receive support from the world, including the ground. 

Containment and Boundaries 
When we need to contain our emotions, we need this life energy to be able to move to our periphery or edges to give us a sense of a container around our vulnerable core. Similarly when we need to protect ourselves from the energy of others, we need some of our life energy to move out to form a boundary. 

Blocking of the Life Force 
We learn to control the flow of our life energy to block the awareness and expression of emotions. Radix work helps free these blocks so that the energy pulsates freely. With this freedom comes an ability to know what one is feeling and to express it or contain it as appropriate. 

For some people blocking this flow can be more difficult. People can feel overwhelmed by their emotions or feel there is no separation between themselves and others. Radix can assist people to become conscious of these processes so they can control the flow of the radix, containing emotions, building healthy boundaries or assisting people to be firmly grounded in life.

The Seven Segments 
The body, in Radix theory, is divided into seven discreet segments. When the energy flows harmoniously and smoothly through these segments, we know what we are feeling and can express ourselves clearly, congruently and without ambiguity. An example of incongruity between the segments is seen when the mouth is smiling but the eyes look dead, or when the heart tells us to do one thing and the mind another. 

Anger and Love, Pain and Pleasure, Fear and Trust 
Another key concept is that the experience and expression of oppositional feelings have a relationship in the body. Only when we can open to our anger can we allow ourselves to express love. When we can feel our pain we can let into pleasure. And we can begin to trust when we are ready to know our fear. When we hold back one emotion we block the capacity to fully experience its opposite. This is because the energy for both anger and love moves out from the core or center of the body. When fear or trust is expressed, there is an inward movement towards the center.  Pain and pleasure both pulsate in each direction. 

The Eyes or Ocular Segment 
An important concept in Radix work is that the eyes are not only used for seeing and communicating but also connect us into our emotional life and our fantasies, visions, dreams and spirit. When we connect with our inner life, the radix, or life force, is moving inwards. When it flows our eyes can express our feelings. We have all experienced ‘cold anger’ moving out from someone’s eyes. When the inward and outward flow of the radix is balanced, we can know our visions and dreams and express them in the world. 

Similarly the eyes directly influence our perceptions. When the radix flows unhindered through the eyes, our perceptions and actions are more in tune with our outer reality and inner experience.