A distinguishing feature of Radix work is that it may be done not only in individual sessions, but also in workshops, classes, and groups.

GroupBiowork2Radix® Workshops & Classes:

Below you will find a list of some of the forthcoming events sponsored by Radix practitioners. The list is organized by date with ongoing events at the end of the listings.

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Vancouver, B.C. Canada

A Workshop for Psychotherapists, Counselors, Body Workers and others in the Helping Professions

Workshop Leader: Narelle McKenzie, Director of training of the Radix Institute.

Friday, August 18, 2017
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Living in a world of uncertainty disturbs our sense of grounding. We long for more certainty and predictability in our lives. Perhaps, however, the question is not “How can I make my life more predictable?” but “How can I develop confidence in living when I don’t know or trust that I have the resources to deal with the unpredictable?”

For those of us in the helping professions, this issue is even more complex. How do we suspend our training and knowledge and the transferential pressures of our clients, to be truly present in every session while still being with them in their uncertainty? What assists us to enter the world of our clients with an openness to their experience and process, at times not knowing where we are going?

This one day workshop will incorporate didactic and experiential sessions with these learning objectives:

  • Access your body and its inner resources to develop greater confidence in living with ambiguity
  • Trust in your capacity to deal with the unpredictable
  • Learn methods for working with others to develop this capacity for themselves.
  • Empower clients to embody the spiritual with the emotional and the physical.
  • Attend to both your body and your client’s as you help to increase their tolerance for uncomfortable feelings.

Fee:  Early registration until August 8, 2017:  CAN$110.   After August 8: CAN$125.  
Students and interns can inquire about a discount at

Location:   East Room, The Post at Hamilton, 110-750 Hamilton, Vancouver, B.C.

For more information: email

To register: go directly to  and email $110 in Canadian currency to Specify “August 18th Vancouver Workshop” when registering.



New Forest, England

Radix Experiential Workshop   October 27-29, 2017;  Optional Learning Day October 30, 2017

Radix Experiential Workshop   December 1-3, 2017;  Optional Learning Day December 4, 2017
led by Michael Gavin and Michael Randolph

Workshops are being held this year in New Forest, Derbyshire and Edinburgh.

For more information and to register click here

or e-mail


Québec, Canada


Hélène Harvey conducts regular workshops (en francais) in Québec. For complete information and registration please email Hélène or call 418-802-9355.


Miami, Florida

Ellen Brazer, LMHC, conducts day-long Saturday workshops every other month in North Miami.

Call or email Ellen Brazer for more information.
(305) 947-9211