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Our Training Program Provides Extensive and Comprehensive Training
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Radix® is a science of the Life Force with several possible applications.
The best understood and the most practiced is with the dynamics of emotions and boundaries as they play out in the human body.

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Radix training is currently being offered in Australia, North America, Canada and Europe. Training workshops can be taken ala carte or toward certification as a Radix practitioner.  Training workshops are open to mental and physical health professionals, as well as to those who wish to deepen their own personal growth through a body-centered modality.

Study Radix in the U.S. and abroad… Since introducing our Modular  approach in 2017, we have successfully run Module One, a 5-day “Introduction to Working With the Body”, in Florida, London and Melbourne. We have additionally run Module 2 in England and Australia, and Modules 3 and 4 in England.

You can choose at anytime to schedule a module in another location and gain experience as well as diversity of approach as to how Radix can enhance your other education and background.

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The Radix Institute has certified hundreds of practitioners since its inception. Of these, the practitioners listed below on the Radix Institute website are licensed certified practitioners. Licensed certified practitioners adhere to the standards of practice of Radix, and they agree to be guided in their practice of Radix by the Radix Institute Code of Ethics.


We are currently accepting registrations for membership in The Radix Institute for the year 2020. If you are a Certified Radix Teacher/Practitioner, Full Membership provides you with a listing on our “Find a Practitioner” page, and lets people know that you agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of The Radix Institute. Contact Membership for details.

The Life and Work of Dr. Charles Kelley and Erica Kelley

CHARLES R. (CHUCK) KELLEY, PH.D. was a philosopher of science, an explorer and engineer of the life force, and an applied experimental psychologist.  He was a student of Wilhelm Reich, and after Reich’s death in 1957 he published THE CREATIVE PROCESS, America’s only scientific periodical devoted to furthering Reich’s work at that time.
ERICA KELLEY, Certified Radix Teacher, was the wife and professional colleague of CHARLES R.KELLEY, PH.D. whose contribution to the Radix Organization’s growth is immeasurable. As she wrote in “Our Reichian Roots”…

– Image of Chuck and Erica Kelley  to Right


The Radix Institute – Our Vision

RADIX is a body-centered holistic therapy that works with the body, mind and emotions to achieve healing and to develop the capacity to engage fully with life. “Radix” is the fundamental energy or life force that moves, pulsates and finds form in each of us. Freeing the flow of radix brings aliveness, insight, self awareness, discovery, resolution and acceptance.

A Word on

Body/Mind Integration

When our life force flows freely in our body, there is a grace and harmony in the body and a deep connection with all aspects of the body-mind. Feelings, actions and thoughts are integrated and the person feels fully alive.

Central to Radix theory and practice is the concept of a life force or the radix flowing through the body.When this flows freely, there is a grace and harmony in the body and a deep connection with all aspects of the body-mind. Feelings, actions and thoughts are integrated and the person is ‘fully alive’.

Our Training Program

Providing a  Somatic approach
for Professionals.


Traditionally, the disciplines of cognitive, social and self psychology, and body psychotherapy have been at two ends of a continuum. More recently however, these different disciplines have begun to share a common ground. The discoveries and theories of Neuroscience in recent years has kindled a new and active interest in integrating these approaches into one cohesive model.

International Reach
The Radix Institute has trained and certified teachers/practitioners in Europe, as well as certified teachers in the U.S., Canada and Australia who are members at this time. Contact click here if you are looking for a teacher/ practitioner in your area.
The Work of Wilhelm Reich
Radix theory is rooted in the work of the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, who in the first half of the 20th century recognized a ‘functional identity’ between the body and mind. He saw that the mind and body are interrelated and that whatever is happening in one is also reflected in the other. Reich saw the body as a ‘frozen history’ of our life experiences and therefore a direct link to the unconscious material. Thus, whether psychotherapy takes place primarily at a body level, a mental level or an emotional level that work will impact at all three levels. .
Professional Standards
Radix practitioners licensed by the Radix Institute agree to be guided in their Radix work by the following Code of Ethics.
Extracurricular Learning
Radix® Educational Workshops teach mental and physical health professionals, in an in-depth way, about the energetic viewpoint of psychological and physical dynamics (and their interrelationship), the functional identity between mind and body and the role of the body in the process of healing and personal growth.
Neuroscience and a Somatic Approach to integration
In recent decades more and more bridges of scientific theories and data are being built between body and psyche (Schubert, 2015). Neurobiology focuses on brain and nervous system research. In recent years the brain and nervous system research and their relation with Psychology accelerated rapidly. With the new research technologies an expanding number of research findings make the amount of accessible knowledge, during these few years, greater than the respective amount of all knowledge of the previous centuries (Rotschild in Hart, 2008).

Important neuroscientists (Hüther, Le Doux, Bauer, Roth, in Gottwald, 2006) actively support Somatic Psychotherapy, while contemporary research findings consolidate its validity and effectiveness. As the body’s fundamental importance in psycho-emotional states is now recognized with more accuracy in research (Damasio, 1999, 2001in Gottwald, 2006) and human experience is confirmed as a sensorimotor-affective unity, the boundaries of an exclusive verbally-cognitively-oriented Psychotherapy approaches begin to emerge, in relation to Somatic Psychotherapy suggesting a conscious planning of the therapeutic situation within and also beyond the verbal-cognitive framework, including senses, emotions and movement. Especially in trauma psychopathology (PTSD) where, as demonstrated also by modern MRI methods, the traumatic experience is not often verbally accessible, the Body-Oriented Psychotherapy and Trauma Therapy seems to be the most appropriate approach for the implicit traumatic memories to be detected, verbalized and worked through in the healing process.

Zoe Schillat, Dipl.-Psych., ECP, EuroPsy, Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma Therapy



Radix Articles

The Articles provided here come from a vibrant community of Radix Trainers, Teachers, as well as articles by practitioners from other Somatic based schools of thought and practice…

Tribute to Erica Jean Kelley

To Members of The Radix Institute, Dana and Eric Brenner-Kelley have let us know that Co-founder Erica Kelley died peacefully surrounded by her family on April 25th, 2018 in Vancouver WA. They wanted the greater Radix Community to be informed of her...

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