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Osho Pulsation Training Programs Provide Extensive and Comprehensive Training in Osho Pulsation Work along with  Radix® Neo-Reichian  applied Bodywork.

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Welcome to Osho Pulsation – Aneesha Dillon

Aneesha Dillon created Osho Pulsation, a unique and delightful blend of neo-Reichian bodywork and meditation, by combining two streams of understanding, one Western, one Eastern. Over the last four decades Aneesha has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world through her popular workshops, trainings and individual sessions. Aneesha has trained hundreds of people all over the world to do this work, and her book “Tantric Pulsation: The journey of human energy from its animal roots to its spiritual flowering” is available in several languages.


What is Osho Pulsation

Osho Pulsation is a method of self-exploration and personal transformation which works through the body and the life energy system, to re-claim our natural aliveness and expressiveness. Rooted in the insights of two of the most ingenious figures of the twentieth century, Wilhelm Reich and Osho, Pulsation provides the awareness and the tools to ground the process of personal transformation in the body, using breathing, movement, and sound to explore the full range of sensations, feelings and emotions that we carry inside. As the energy begins to flow freely and naturally throughout the whole body, participants can experience a state of tremendous aliveness, together with feelings of relaxation and well-being. Results are immediate and tangible as well as sustainable, and include but are not limited to:

  • Feeling more alive in the body, and allowing this aliveness spontaneous expression
  • An unburdening of old emotional baggage, leading to a feeling of lightness
  • Freer and more pleasurable sexuality and sensuality
  • More love, joy, trust, and laughter
  • Expanded capacity to feel and express emotions
  • A more relaxed, more loose body

About Osho Pulsation

Osho Pulsation is a method of self-exploration and personal growth which works through the body and the life energy system, to re-claim our natural aliveness and expressiveness. It is one of the foundations of Osho Therapy, and provides the awareness and the tools to ground this personal growth process in the body, using breathing, movement, and sound to explore the full range of sensations, feelings and emotions that we carry inside.

Pulsation’s body-based approach to personal growth is deeply rooted in the revolutionary work of Wilhelm Reich, and is guided by some of the ‘maps’ of body-energy flow which he discovered. Techniques using breathing, body movements, and expressive sounds form a framework to explore the tensions and blocks which have formed in the body over many years of conditioning and repression. Pulsation restores a sense of wholeness by reclaiming the rejected and disowned feelings which we have pushed down into the unconscious, the ‘basement’ of our being. Through deep neo-Reichian breathing and direct ‘hands-on’ work to loosen the muscular armor, we tap into biological and instinctual layers which connect us with the life force itself. Once the inner pressure of unexpressed energies is released, a profound relaxation follows, deep into the core. We are able to settle into ourselves more easily in silence and meditation. Read more about Pulsation >

Osho Pulsation – Practitioners Worldwide –

*Friends of Radix 2021

– United States –

Aneesha Dillon

email: devaaneesha@hotmail.com website: www.oshopulsation.com Aneesha works all over Europe, especially in Italy, and Russia where she offers longer trainings and workshops. She lives in Marin County near San Francisco, California. Click here to see Aneesha’s complete schedule.

– Russia –

Deva Ramana (Roman Dyukin)

email:  contact@rebalancing.ru website: www.rebalancing.ru, www.pulsations.ru Ramana offers Pulsation and rebalancing sessions and courses in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and other cities in Russia. Originally an Osho Rebalancer, and also trained in Energy Reading, Ramana has been working with Aneesha and Pulsation since 2003. He practices mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg, offering Pulsation and Rebalancing sessions. He also travels to many cities in Russia teaching introductory weekend seminars and five day intensives.

Valery Guk (Prem Svaraj)

email: ValeryGuk@gmail.com website: www.body-work.ru phone: +7 906-039-32-62 Svaraj is a trained psychologist who offers Pulsation individual sessions, weekend workshops and 3,4,5-days intensive seminarsin Moscow and elsewhere in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania. He also offers individual sessions and trainings in Traditional Thai massage.

Victoria Maresina (Sananda Vatayana)

email: victorinna@yandex.ru website: www.lifetrainer.ru phone: +7 916-102-30-88 (Moscow) Vatayana offers Pulsation, coaching, counseling and meditation practice in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia and Latvia. She also offers Family and Business Constellation and Human Design sessions

Evgeny Zhirov (Mandir)

email: premmandir@gmail.com phone: +7 921-588-51-58 Mandir is known in St. Petersburg, Russia as group leader and organizer of Osho groups, meditation camps and other activities. He also offers individual sessions of Rebalancing, Pulsation and Thai massage, and brings to his work all his inspiration and experience.

Svetlana Molchannikova (Chetana)

email: chetana@mail.ru phone: +7 905-215-53-48 (St. Petersburg) Chetana is a trained psychologist who offers Pulsation groups, workshops, individual sessions and meditations in Saint-Petersburgand other places all over Russia.

Agatha Sold (Ma Bodhi Divya)

email: bodhidivya@gmail.com Divya is offering Pulsation workshops, classes and individual sessions mostly in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova). She is available as a traveling session-giver and event facilitator, leading meditation evenings and weekends, as well as short groups focused on waking up the energy and coming back to the body. Divya holds a degree in Stage Arts and has been trained in Osho Pulsation, Osho Active Meditation facilitating, Massage, Aura Soma and Transessence Technique.

Prem Giet (Victoria Popova)

email: pulsationgo@gmail.com Giet has been Osho’s Sannyasin since 2006. Meditation and body-oriented psychotherapy are her great passion, as well as an integral part of her life. She first met Aneesha and Osho Pulsation in 2011 and fell in love with both. As a certified Osho Pulsation practitioner, she’s offering Pulsation groups and individual sessions in Ukraine and Europe. Her other passion is Primal therapy, where she is trained to give individual sessions. Giet also practices Kobido Massage, bringing to her work totality, love and presence.

– Italy –

Deva Magna (David Rasulo)

email: magna@oshopulsation.it Magna has been deeply involved with Pulsation for many years. He trained with Aneesha in 2001 and since then he has been Aneesha’s trusted translator and assistant in hundreds of workshops and trainings worldwide. He is the co-founder of OshoPulation Italy and training director of the Italian Pulsation Trainings. Magna offers Pulsation sessions and classes in Torino, Italy.

Deva Maitri

email: maitri@oshopulsation.it Maitri’s long interest in neo-Reichian breathing and body-work gradually became a deep involvement after completing the Pulsation Training in 2003. Since then she has assisted in many Pulsation Groups and Trainings, both in Italy, Greece and Poona. She is a certified yoga teacher and also leads yoga classes. Maitri offers Pulsation classes and sessions mainly in Rimini and Tuscany, Italy. Read a Pulsation interview with Maitri here >

Ma Shanti Leela (Federica Araco)

email: leela@oshopulsation.it phone: +39 338 1846831 Since 2012 Leela has been collaborating with Aneesha as main assistant in all her groups in Italy, and she is part of the new Tantric Pulsation Training’s staff and one of the teachers of the Italian Osho Pulsation Training. She is a certified body-oriented counsellor and focusing facilitator, a Reiki Master, a Feng Shui professional consultant and teacher. Leela gives Pulsation sessions and leads bodywork classes, workshops and Osho meditations in Italy, mainly in Osho Miasto Center, Rome and Milan.

Veet Lahar (Cornelia De Girolamo)

email: lahar@oshopulsation.it Lahar is trained in Pulsation, Counseling, Bio-energetics and Essence-work. She met Aneesha and Osho Pulsation in 2012 and she felt in love with both. Since then she’s been deeply involved in assisting Pulsation workshops and trainings. Lahar offers individual sessions and classes in Turin and Naples.

– Brazil –

Dhyan Suvaj

email: zennoujeimi@yahoo.com.br phone: +55 31-9935-3891 Suvaj has been involved with Pulsation since 1995, and continues to lead Workshops and sessions in Brasil, mainly in Belo Horizonte. He works also as Psychiatrist and Therapist.

Nisha Novaes

email: nishanovaes@gmail.com website: www.bioenergiaeconsciencia.com.br phone: +55 21-8300-3990 / 7620-0104 / 3173-9069 Nisha is a psychologist and has worked with reichian therapy since 1987. She offers individual Pulsation sessions, and is leading classes in “Bioenergy and Body Reading”, “Sensibility Training Groups”, Past Life regression therapy and Osho Meditations, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Guilherme Ashara

email: guilherme.ashara@globo.com website: www.e-zen.com.br phone: +55 85-3229.8511 / +55 85-8867.8511 Ashara works mainly in Fortaleza – Brazil. He offers individual sessions of Pulsation, Breathwork, Family Constellation, Open Counseling and also offers therapy groups.

– England –

Veetmaya Sabina Nunes

email: veetmaya29@gmail.com website: www.sadharma.com Veetmaya is an Italian trained psychologist and psychotherapist currently based in the UK. She offers Pulsation classes as well as Individual sessions, Counselling and Meditations in London and Rome.

Abigail (Maneesha) Iquo Peters

email: abigail@usa.com website: www.potentialcharisma.com Phone: +44 7961963610 (U.K.) Abigail is a Transpersonal and Integrative Psychotherapist, Family Constellator, Path of Love Facilitator and EMDR practitioner. She is passionate about Growth, Transformation and Awareness. Abigail offers individual Osho Pulsation sessions and leads Pulsation, Family Constellations, Male/Female and Path of Love workshops with couples and groups. She is based in London and works in Europe.

– Greece –

Mouna Konstantinidou

email: mounilou@yahoo.com

Since1998 she got trainned in the meditation-oriented therapy in the Osho Multiversity in Pune with specialization in Breathing, Pulsation, Counseling, Hypnosis and Energy work. In 2001 she met Svarup and Premartha and got trained by them in the Inner Child work

She is now working in Pune and in Europe giving Breath-Pulsation and inner child sessions (the series) and workshops, while she is also taking part in the creation of meditation centers in Europe.

Mouna offers sessions and teaches Pulsation, breath, primal and tantra in Greece and in India

– Portugal –

Moumina Jeffs

email: mouminaz@gmail.com website: moumina.online phone: +351 913703052 Moumina is based in the Portugal and offers workshops all over Europe with breath, body love, family constellation, women’s workshops and more.

– Sweden –

Smrati Skog

email: anandsmrati@yahoo.se website: www.tantraforum.se Smrati is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and teaches Pulsation and Tantra.

– Switzerland –

Parna Béatrice Brunner

email: parnaswiss@hotmail.com phone: +41  (0)52 534 43 36 (landline) phone: +41  (0)76 381 64 28 (mobile) Parna ist trained in Osho Pulsation, Primaltherapy, Essence-Work, Awakening of Love, Rebalancing- and Psychic Massage, Craniosacral Balancing (for adults as well as for babies/children) and Spiritual Healing. Parna works in Zürich and Winterthur (Switzerland) on request also in Ticino (healing holiday and retreats). She offers individual sessions in Osho Pulsation, Craniosacral Balancing and the other methods as well as evening classes and  workshops in Osho Pulsation.
Radix Fundamentals


About Pulsation –
How Does it Work?

Pulsation has its roots in the breathing and body work of Wilhelm Reich, and is guided by some of the maps he discovered  about the flow of life force energy in the body. Reich’s idea was that many psychological problems originated from a disturbance of the natural energetic functional process of charge and discharge that rules the spontaneous emotional release. Every time we block any expressive  impulse–for example when we contain our anger, swallow our fear, or tears, or we hide our sexuality–we put into action a powerful blocking system in the body that Reich has called muscular armor.

The largely unconscious effort of blocking feelings and holding energies inside creates tension in the body’s musculature, which in turn prevents a natural expressive flow of energy and feeling.  This tension can make us feel emotionally disconnected, psychologically fragmented and energetically divided against ourselves. Using deep breathing and many different techniques to move the body, we loosen the muscular armor, and with that loosening, the inner pressure of unexpressed energies can be released. The relaxation that follows spontaneous emotional release allows us to re-connect with inner wholeness, authenticity of expression, and the silence of Being.

About Pulsation – How Did it Develop?

– Wilhelm Reich

The Nineteen thirties and forties

Toward the late 1930s Reich began to treat patients outside the limits of psychoanalysis’s restrictions. He first presented the principles of what he called vegetotherapy – which involves the patient physically simulating the effects of certain emotions in the hope of triggering them – in a paper called “Psychic contact and vegetative current” in August 1934. He went on to develop the technique between 1935 and 1940. He began to sit next to his patients, rather than behind them, and would touch them, both to increase awareness of tension and contraction, and to relieve it.

From a psychoanalytic point of view, this undermined the position of neutrality in which the analyst is a blank screen onto which the patient projects his desires, loves, hates, and neuroses. Reich wrote that the psychoanalytic taboos reinforced the neurotic taboos of the patient, and that he wanted his patients to see him as human. He would press hard on their “body armor,” his thumb or the palm of his hand pressing on their jaws, necks, chests, backs, or thighs, aiming to dissolve their muscular, and thereby characterological, rigidity. This dissolution of the body armor, he wrote, brought back the repressed memory of the childhood situation that had caused the repression. If the session worked as intended, he wrote that he could see waves of pleasure move through their bodies, a series of spontaneous, involuntary movements. Reich called these the “orgasm reflex.”
More about Wilhelm Reich >

Charles Kelley

The nineteen fifties, sixties and seventies

In the nineteen fifties Charles R. “Chuck” Kelley immersed himself as a student and experimenter in the Reichian movement. His Reichian writings give accounts of visits with Reich in Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine, experiments with various Reichian equipment and techniques.

After Reich’s tragic death in 1957, Kelley could see no-one continuing the work, so in 1960 he established the Interscience Research Institute, “a scientific and educational organization dedicated to studying the creative process in nature as that process was described by Wilhelm Reich.” During the next five years he published THE CREATIVE PROCESS as a vehicle for his own and others’ research on Reich’s theories and experiments, first in Stanford, Connecticut and later in Santa Monica, California. He had been devastated by the US government’s treatment of Reich and his work; he became disillusioned with the reactions and apathy of many orgonomists, and had been unable to get funding for scientific research. Most importantly, however, he was drifting from Reich on some key theoretical points, especially the origin and value of muscular armor. He dissociated himself from orgonomy and developed his own form of neo-Reichian programs called Radix Education in Feeling, Purpose and Vision Improvement. Despite the multiple names given historically for the life force, he deliberately chose radix, meaning “root” or “cause,” to distinguish his unique theories and practice, and the Institute took its name in 1974. His seminal booklet of 1970, revised in 1974, Education in Feeling and Purpose, remains valid today.
More about Charles Kelley >

Aneesha Dillon and Charles Kelley

The nineteen seventies (in Aneesha’s own words)

“In 1971, at the age of  twenty-two, I stumbled upon the writings of Wilhelm Reich. I read his “Selected Writings”, which gave me an overview of his ideas, his extensive research, and his work with people. His clinical work involved psychological/verbal work, which he called Character Analysis, and he also described how, through years of parental and societal conditioning, we are taught to control and repress our feelings, emotions, and our sexuality. We do this by unconsciously tightening our muscles to hold back aliveness, expression, and the flow of life energy in the body. Reich called these tensions muscular armoring and his body techniques, which involved were designed to loosen these tensions.

His methods used breathing, body movement, and active emotional expression of all these energies–fear, anger, pain, and even joy, and love— in order to become free of  repressions.  I found his writings, and his unique understanding, so thrilling that I started looking for a place where I could actually experience this work that Reich talked about.

Living in California, I didn’t have to look far—there were many teachers available, in the most up-to-date methods in personal growth. In the Esalen Institute catalogue I noticed there would soon be a lecture by a neo-Reichian psychologist, Charles Kelley, Director of the Interscience Workshop (which later became the Radix Institute). It was everything I’d hoped for, and I immediately signed up for a weekend course. It was a life-changing experience, and after a second weekend I was accepted into his Teacher Training at the Radix Institute and graduated two and a half years later, in 1974.

As Kelley’s first graduated student, I was fortunate to be introduced to Richard Price, the former Director of Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, and Price invited me to lead programs there, and eventually to become a resident Radix Teacher at Esalen. For me this was a time of immersion into the experimental psychology methods and teachings of the new Human Potential movement which had begun in the sixties. I felt inspired by the many modalities of personal growth which were available at Esalen.

Esalen Institute was a place where psychology and spirituality were beginning to meet, and blend, and influence each other. In the sixties and seventies, there was a palpable ‘breeze’ blowing from the East, in the form of Zen Buddhism, Yoga, T’ai Chi, and many other practices that were being taught at Esalen and in California. This possibility of a spirituality that was not based on Christianity had a tremendous pull on me, and I began to yearn for a deeper understanding of meditation than I could find in Western psychology.”

Aneesha and Osho

The nineteen seventies, eighties, nineteens and today (in Aneesha’s own words)

“One of the teachers I heard about while living at Esalen was a man called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, an enlightened mystic who lived in India. In his ashram, a new kind of meditation was being taught, active meditations which he had created, and which were very different from ‘traditional’ silent sitting meditation. Rajneesh (who many years later came to be known as Osho) taught that in order to live a truly authentic and fulfilling life, it would be important to free oneself of past conditioning and repressions. This could enable people to live in the present moment, unhampered by the chains of the past.

Osho’s Dynamic Meditation, in fact, has many things in common with the neo-Reichian work I was doing with people. It contains phases of breathing, body movement, and emotional expression, and I had the distinct feeling that, if anywhere on the planet there was someone I should learn meditation from, Osho was that person. I only later discovered that Osho had read Reich’s writings (as well as virtually all the contemporary Western books available at that time on psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc.) and that he spoke many times in his discourses about Reich.

Osho  recognized that most contemporary people, especially Westerners, were often ‘stuck in their heads’, and before they were really able to go deeper into meditation, they needed some vigorous body movement  and emotional expression to shake up and loosen the muscular armoring that Reich had talked about. Muscular tensions prevent awareness from penetrating deeper towards the center. People needed an opportunity to throw out the repressions and the ‘old baggage’ from the past. Only then, in deep relaxation and let-go, would a person be able to rest in their essential core, in the depth and inner presence of Being.

In his Commune Osho created what he called a Multiversity, where he brought together the most up-to-date methods in psychology and the Human Potential movement. He invited a number of his sannyasins (disciples), who had experience working with different psychotherapeutic methods in the West, to work with the Western seekers who were arriving in ever-increasing numbers. The therapy groups that were offered in the Multiversity were part of his program to prepare these seekers for the deeper experiences of meditation. I was both thrilled and humbled when he invited me, a year after I arrived, to be one of his group leaders.

In 1987 I started to call my work Osho Pulsation, and began training people in this method, which is a meeting of the therapeutic work based on the principles developed by Wilhelm Reich, with the body-active meditation methods of Osho. Together, these techniques comprise a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, resulting in an effective program of personal growth based in work with the body and the bio-energy.

Back in the seventies I was looking for a spiritual Master, and I was fortunate enough to find him. From the time I first went to India to meet Osho in 1976, until 2004 when I moved back to the West, I lived non-stop in his Communes. I’ve spent most of my adult life absorbing his message of meditation and celebration. I continue to do so, and travel around the world sharing the richness I received from Osho, with those who admire and love him.”
More about Osho >

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