Radix Institute

Practitioners – USA


Practitioners – California

Dale B. Cummings MA

Certified Practitioner, Trainer

Santa Cruz, California
Phone: 831-458-1939
Email: dalebc@sbcglobal.net

Aneesha Dillion

Certified Practitioner

Novato, California
Phone: 415-827-7137
Email: aneesha@oshopulsation.com
Website: www.oshopulsation.com

Nola Butler-Byrd PhD

CA LPCC #1390, Certified Practitioner

Spring Valley (San Diego), California
Phone: 619-928-9483
Email: nbbyrd@aol.com

Paula Heartland

Certified Practitioner- Life Coach

Santa Monica, CA
Phone: 310-451-7211
Email: paulaheartland@gmail.com
Website: paulaheartland.com

Mark Ludwig, LCSW

Certified Practitioner

Oakland, CA
Phone: 510-387-5845

Practitioners – Florida

Susan Anker LCSW, MSW

Certified Practitioner

Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Phone: 305-668-9090
Email: SusanAnker7@bellsouth.net

Ellen Brazer MS, LMHC

Certified Practitioner

North Miami Beach, Florida
Phone: 305-333-2718
Email: esbrazer@gmail.com
Website: www.choose2evolve.com

Practitioners – Hawaii

Melissa Lindsay Psy.D.

Certified Practitioner, Trainer

Kailua, Hawaii
Phone: 808-261-3311
Cell: 808-256-3347
Email: Melissa@KailuaMindBody.com
Website: KailuaMindBody.com

Practitioners – Michigan

Ronald Hook, LCSW

Certified Practitioner

Southfield, Michigan
Phone: 248-352-9494
Email: ronhook@gmail.com

Richard Keith

Certified Practitioner

Farmington, Michigan
Phone: 248-739-9253
Email: RadixHealthMichigan@gmail.com
Website: RadixHealthMichigan.com

John Weiks Ed.D.

Certified Practitioner, Trainer

Ada, Michigan
Phone: 616-822-9714
Email: jcweiks@mac.com
Website: www.JohnWeiks.com

Practitioners – New Mexico

Becky Bosch

Certified Practitioner, Trainer

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phone: 505-259-1181
Email: bbosch3003@hotmail.com

Michael Schvarczkopf

Certified Practitioner

Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico
Phone: 505-319-3998
Email: meeesha7@gmail.com
Website:  counseloralbuquerque.com

Practitioners – Texas

Stephen Atkinson, ThM, MS

Certified Practitioner

Dallas, Texas
Phone: 972-661-1746,  Cell: 214-763-7342
Email: stephen.dcchd@gmail.com

Gail Wilson MSSW

Certified Practitioner

Dallas, Texas
Phone: 972-392-7227
Email: GailW2009@gmail.com

Practitioners – Washington

Judy Stein

Certified Practitioner

Sequim, Washington
Phone: 206-427-1767
Email: judy@radix.org
Website: www.solutionscg.com

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