Radix Institute Training Program for Professionals –

Radix training is currently being offered in Australia, North America and Europe. Training workshops can be taken ala carte or toward certification as a Radix practitioner.  Training workshops are open to mental and physical health professionals, as well as to those who wish to deepen their own personal growth through a body-centered modality.

When working toward Certification as a Radix practitioner, there are three essential aspects to the certification training program.  The first is experiential work: the trainee learns to open emotionally, experience the process deeply, gain self-understanding and have grown significantly as a consequence.  The second is conceptual, technical knowledge: the trainee learns to understand the work well and become familiar with relevant literature.  The third is practice teaching, developing the skills to apply his knowledge.  Through the course of training, a trainee documents his or her personal growth, and develops a manual for teaching techniques.

Radix Education is both a powerful growth program in its own right, or a powerful adjunct to the practice of psychotherapy or even other body-oriented disciplines.  Radix neo-Reichian techniques can enhance verbal psychotherapy, whether individual or group, or such body oriented disciplines as Rolfing, Alexander, and Feldenkrais.  Thus psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family counselors, dance therapists, holistic health practitioners, chiropractors and massage therapists have all found training in Radix of great value to themselves and their clients.

Our training program is open to professional and non­-professional alike.  Qualities of openness, empathy, and self-understanding are regularly developed by this work.

Because we have no formal education requirements for admission into training, people who enter the certification training program should understand that it is necessary to have the self-discipline to apply oneself to a difficult long-range objective.  The training program is difficult and requires the development of conceptual understanding through study, as well as the mastery and understanding of subtle techniques. Written work is required, and exams are structured in to the program. However, the central criterion for success in the program is the development of a high level of skill in working with clients.

The Radix model, which is educational, is a program of education in feeling and purpose, which proceeds within a context of development and growth and the identifying and opening the blocks to these.  Students are encouraged to become an active participant in their own process of change.  In Radix work the emphasis is on process, the ongoing, living, dynamic process of shutting down feelings or opening to their expression in the body and in life, increasing contact with oneself and realizing one’s potential in work and in life.

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